Offering a unique blend of traditional, "Old Mexico" charm mixed with the modern amenities of a cosmopolitan setting, Puerto Vallarta and the areas surrounding the Bay of Banderas are a study in contrasts - always intriguing and endlessly colorful.

About Puerto Vallarta

This region finds narrow cobblestone streets and dirt roads featuring handmade adobe-brick houses, family restaurants, and open-air markets nestled against communities with modern homes, up-to-date infrastructure, and modern conveniences.

The sounds of church bells, roosters crowing, and the clatter of donkeys' hooves on the cobblestones can be heard in many neighborhoods - yet just around the corner, you'll find world-class resorts with state-of-the-art golf courses, first-rate marinas, and luxurious amenities of every kind.

The rich cultural diversity of Puerto Vallarta is also reflected in the cuisine that its many restaurants have to offer. Restaurants with internationally-recognized chefs featuring recipes from around the globe peacefully coexist with street side taco stands. Tropical beachfront palapas and upscale rooftop restaurants with panoramic views serve everything from fish tacos to haute cuisine. Puerto Vallarta has literally hundreds of restaurants to experience, no matter what you are hungry for.

The Banderas Bay area is a shopper's paradise with traditional market stalls selling handicrafts from every corner of Mexico as well as designer boutiques, fine art galleries and scores of jewelry, clothing, shoe, furniture, home décor stores and specialty shops.

For those who just want to relax, Puerto Vallarta's many golden sand beaches offer one of the best ways to experience the beauty and magic of the Bay of Banderas. This area is one of the few places on Earth that can boast an "ideal" climate, with 322 days of sunshine annually and an average temperature of 80 degrees F.

Hundreds of foreigners from all over the world arrive in Puerto Vallarta each year and fall under the city's tropical spell. This charming city is home to more than 5,000 expatriates who came to visit, fell in love, and stayed.

In short, whether you prefer a simpler way of life, fashionable luxury, or something in between, the Puerto Vallarta region is a sun-blessed paradise that will keep you entertained for a day - or for a lifetime!

Local Area Maps

Banderas Bay is Mexico's largest natural bay and home to Puerto Vallarta's many great destinations. It includes over 40 miles of coastline that stretches from Punta de Mita to Cabo Corrientes.

Each area is special in its own way and adds to the charm, diversity and uniqueness of Puerto Vallarta. Here you will find a series of maps to help you get around these areas and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Banderas Bay Area Map
North Coast Area Map
Bucerias Map
Nuevo Vallarta Map
Marina Vallarta Map
North Vallarta Area Map
Central Vallarta Area Map
Zona Romántica Area Map

Beach Clubs and Los Muertos

Los Muertos is without a doubt one of Puerto Vallarta's most visited beaches. A simple 15-minute walk from downtown, Los Muertos is located in the heart of the Romantic Zone and stretches to more than 2 kilometers in length.

Here you'll find all sorts of water activities; from the traditional "Banana" (an inflatable banana-shaped ride able to fit up to 5 people at a time, is dragged by a speedboat via thick rope), to Jet Skis, to the Parachute (takes you on a tour around the bay pulled by a boat).

The story behind the name Los Muertos dates many years back. At one point, an old commentary laid beneath the beach. It used to be called Playa de Sol, but the name never caught on; Los Muertos seemed more fitting, and it's been called the same ever since.

The City's Public Safety Department, along with Civil Defense, Firefighters, HOA, Lifeguards and Public and Private Volunteer Groups help keep the beach clean and safe. Restaurants are lined up all along the beach; most specialties entailing fresh seafood. You can choose to enjoy your meal directly inside your desired establishment, or right on the beach, with your feet in the sand. Here are some recommendations on Los Muertos and beyond:

El Dorado
La Palapa
Ritmos Café
Blue Seas
Las Animas
Amapas Sunset

Gay Puerto Vallarta

Nestled between the brilliant Banderas Bay and the lush tropical forests of the Sierra Madre mountains on Mexico's west coast, Puerto Vallarta is known for its famous gay beach near Blue Chairs and the Green Chairs, beautiful ocean and mountain views, handsome men and its many fine restaurants. Whether sunbathing at the popular gay beach, sailing on the gay cruise, whale watching on sun drenched Banderas Bay or dancing the night away at your favorite local gay club, there is something for you to adore and fall in love with in Puerto Vallarta.

As with most port cities, Puerto Vallarta has a tradition of tolerance and is certainly one of the gayest friendly cities in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has become the most popular gay travel destination south of the border, surpassing the huge city of Acapulco in recent years as a hot spot. The town is safer than any American city that I know of and combines beautifully the Old World charm of its cobblestone streets and white stucco houses with the modern amenities of a world class resort, having a multitude of five star hotels, fine beaches and quality stores and boutiques. The Mexicans are known for their friendliness and the people of Vallarta are no exception. The American Society of Travel Agents reports Vallarta as the sixth most favorite destination for American travelers abroad, and for good reason. Conde Nast Traveler ranked Puerto Vallarta in 2002 as one of the top 10 foreign cities of the world, up there along with Paris, Rome, Sydney, London and Hong Kong. For foreign friendliness, Vallarta outranks all the choices and is also the first choice for its ambiance. Conde Nast further notes that Vallarta "makes its debut on the list this year, in part because of the remarkable amiability of the local folk." So there you have it, folks!

If you are looking to buy or rent a condo in the Gay Area or Los Muertos Beach check our listing in the Zona Romantica Area or contact us to get some good gay advise on where to buy or rent.

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