Neptune Realtors' professional real estate services include:

Sales and re-sales of villas, homes, condos, or lots

Our extensive data base of properties for sale is very easy to use and provide you with all the information you need to begin your research process.

Short and long term rentals

Check out our list of rental properties for rent. Each listing show you the rates, picture, complete description, features and a calendar so you know what we have available.

Neptune Realtors offers rental services for any length of time in the Puerto Vallarta area. This rental service can be short term for 5 days up to 5 months and long term rental for 6 months to 12 months or more.

Property management/administration

Owners who are often away from Puerto Vallarta need to be assured that their investment is well taken care of and Neptune Realtors provides just that security.

We take care of your property and pay all bills including electric, water, property taxes, cable, internet, and we also provide services like maid, gardener and pool service. Neptune Realtors will collect money on your behalf and make all the deposits, schedule maid service and make property inspections on a regular basis.

Neptune's property management department ensures you of complete peace of mind when you are away, and that all you need to do is to enjoy your property when you are here.

Investment and business opportunities

Our secret is where to go, whom to deal with, and what kind of property to invest in. Neptune can help you obtain your goals in a responsible and professional manner for you to enjoy your vacations and investments.

Neptune has access to property acquisition, join ventures, and development in Puerto Vallarta.

General Contracting and development services.

Whatever your construction or property needs, we'd be glad to help. Having owned, built and sold many housing and condo projects in Puerto Vallarta, Neptune Realtors developed the knowledge and experience essential in understanding homeowners' needs.

Neptune's team can also manage your land and build development from concept to completion.

Our experience and credentials have earned us the reputation for being a reliable partner.

Contact us today for free information about buying property in Mexico.